10 Series of Standing Desk 501-7 , 501-11, 501-17, 501-19, 501-19wall, 501-23,, 501-25, 501-27, 501 -29, 501-49 from  70kg to 200kg peak load lifting capacity

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  • Conset stand up desks can only be purchased via a network of resellers throughout the UK and Ireland. To obtain details of your nearest Conset supplier contact: 01245 477922 or e-mail we will be pleased to put you in touch with a suitable reseller to supply and install the desk you require. Your office swivel chair may soon be working with you only part-time, or maybe not at all !
  • Standing desks with tilt tops, Standing desk with wheels, Electric stand up desk with rechargable battery, Wall mounted stand up desk, Conset have all the options in the standard range.
  • 501-49 Stand up desk - click for photos 100kg peak capacity electric desk frame.
  • For tops length 120cm-200cm x depth 70cm-100cm SRP £494 (frame only), 65cm-125cm, White, Black or Silver......................................501-11 150kg peak capacity frame, many sizes, tilt top option, silver or black

PRICE BOOK  2013/14 suggested £ retail price book, ex VAT. Current until at least summer 2015

Conset electric height adjustable desks

501.17..Lighter duty...........501.11.. heavy duty many sizes...........501.19 heavy duty single..........501.7 simple design great value..... Tilt top standing desk 501-11 ..........501-27optional wheels

501-25 standing desk video on YouTube

From £303.. frame only guideline retail price ex VAT

Conset's philosophy is to deliver the best product at the best price in order that more people can afford the benefit of the most ergonomic furniture. Standing desks for the office, home or school

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Heavy duty 501-11 series (wmv video 3mb download)

  • Why- Electric Sit-Stand desks from Conset?
    Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems. An adjustable desk is essential for this.
    If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occurs.
    People of various height can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - Particularly beneficial for those of a taller stature, in the prevention of stooping.
    Electric operation means that people can adjust their own desk height which is also very useful for wheelchair users.
    Ideal for people where sitting all day is not an option, ie individuals returning to work after back surgery.
    Easy up and down operation with the added safety features that 2 buttons must be pressed together to avoid accidental operation.
    Advantageous for groups who share the same workstation-ie "Hotdesking" or shift working environments. For desk workers of different height.
    Comfort for everybody, if you have an Apple Watch then set it to alert you to stand up at your desk and to sit varying your status, 7, 8, 9 or even 10 times per day
    Conset retail dealers are throughout the UK, Ireland, and Channel islands please call 01245 477922 for your nearest dealer information.
  • Because ConSet manufactures both their own: lift system, adjustable leg columns, and frames we can offer adjustable height computer desks with exceptional value for money. Whether model you choose, no other manufacturer can offer the ergonomic value that we do. The benefits of an integrated supplier are obvious:
    An adjustable height Computer Desk is not a big investment anymore.
    Our Adjustable Height Computer Desks are available in 1-leg, 2-leg and 3-leg versions and feature the highest cost benefit level in the business. Your standing desk will adjust quickly and easily with the touch of a button.
    The height-adjustable-desk is synonymous with good ergonomic practice in the workplace. Electric height adjustable desks that operate through a full sit stand height range are the solution that will get used to full potential and can also be essential for full DDA compliance

Interline UK are the UK sole trade sales agents for Conset A/S for height adjustable workstations and tables | Venset TV Lifts and electric furniture components.

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